Are you interested in hosting a Training Event at your agency?

Requirements for Hosting:
- Ensure a minimum registration of 10 Law Enforcement Officers
- Ensure a minimum registration of 5 DFPS Investigative Staff
- Provide a free facility with a media projector.

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Will your agency be able to ensure the registration of at least 10 law enforcement officers and 5 DFPS investigative staff? *

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Note: The 24-hour (3 day) training will be offered selectively in targeted regions and as available funding allows.

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Note: The Customized Training will include the Training Overview, History Timeline, Coordinated Investigations, and one additional topic (elective) of the hosting agency's choosing.

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Thank you for your interest in hosting a training!

Selections will be made based on the availability of instructors and funding.       If your agency is selected to host a training, you will be contacted with the information you provided.

Should you have any questions prior to being contact by a program staff, please call 1-800-848-2088.
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